November 14, 2018

Is It The Right Time?

There’s no time like the present, right? Wrong! When you are trying to create change, timing can be the most important aspect to consider. When you […]
August 12, 2018

Embrace The Fear and Soar Above

I just spent a week away for my graduate program. The thought of leaving home in the middle of the summer without my family was pretty […]
July 15, 2018

You Don’t Need Hypnosis

You don’t need hypnosis. Not really. Not when you are okay with dealing with your pain, your issues, the things that you don’t like about yourself. […]
July 14, 2018

Incredibles 2 Hypnosis Doesn’t Work That Way

Last night we went to the drive in. We try to go once a summer as a bit of a family tradition. Every summer there is […]
June 21, 2018

HempWorx Affiliate CBD Oil and Hypnosis

I am excited to announce that I am now a HempWorx affiliate. HempWorx is the maker of the world’s finest CBD oil. CBD oil has shown […]
June 20, 2018

Irrational Fears and Phobias

Hypnosis can be a wonderful tool to help get over a phobia or irrational fear but it only works when you are ready for it to […]
June 6, 2018

Pride Month! LGBTQ Hypnosis is All About Love

*edited on 7/27/2018** It is June, which means it is Pride Month! Once again, Tender Empowerment is proud to be an ally for the LGBT community(see […]
April 10, 2018

Why are you holding onto your pain? (or weight or habit?)

Do you suffer from pain due to a past injury? Trying to lose weight or make another change in your life and NOTHING seems to work? […]
March 16, 2018

Can You Make Me A Billionaire?

Hi, I’m a hypnotherapist.  You can probably imagine some of the crazy comments and questions I hear after I introduce myself.  Mostly I get asked if […]
March 6, 2018

Pay No Attention To The Mind Behind The Curtain

Humans have the power of being conscious creatures.  We have the ability to make our own choices, have the power off free will, and can decide […]