Life Coaching (with a twist) and What The Heck Is It?

Almost everyone has heard of a life coach, but what does it mean? Is it some trendy thing taking place on the west coast? Something only the very rich and elite use? I bet you have a million questions about life coaching, well, I am here to answer them!

Let’s start with the basics. For many years now, humans have realized that they are not always feeling fulfilled, successful or even happy. Many people would go to a therapist and evaluate their lives. They would work on past issues, current feelings and establish some methods to stay on a more positive track for the future. Therapists are amazing and in many cases can be super beneficial, however, sometimes people needed or wanted more. Sometimes they didn’t feel like the past or their current feelings were the problem, sometimes they just need help finding direction and completing goals.

Life coaching was born! Life coaching uses many tools to help you figure out what you need and desire in your life, the things you have the ability to change, and a plan to help you reach your goals. Life coaches also hold you accountable. A phone call once a week can really make the difference when you are trying to complete your goals.

Who needs a life coach?
Well, almost everyone can benefit from a life coach! Are you: deciding about a major change, looking to feel happier, wanting to figure out your life purpose, want a better relationship (or want to keep your happy relationship happy), trying to lose weight, need to deal with stress in a healthier way, wanting to overcome an obstacle, wanting to be more organized, wanting to find a way to parent in a more productive manner, or trying to figure out how to balance your hectic life? If you can answer yes to any of these, you could benefit from a life coach!

What EXACTLY does a life coach do? Still not sure what a life coach does? Well, first there is a basic a intake procedure. This is the time where I get to know you. I’ll ask you some questions about yourself and have you fill out a few forms (not too many I promise!). Then we will talk about your current goals. If you aren’t sure what those are, I will use a few of my tools to help you figure it out. We will then create an action plan. This is a plan that breaks down your goal into bite sized pieces. Each week you will have 1 small goal to work on. This could be something as easy as finding your resume on your computer if you are looking for a new job. We will then say good bye for the week and a week later, I will check in with you. We will talk about how you did with the step you were on and look at the coming week’s goals. Each and every week you will be excited to see how much closer you are to your goal!

What is this twist? I am a Certified HypnoCoach. This means I add hypnosis in with life coaching to give you the best experience you can have!

Why hypnosis? When we have goals, we start out really excited about them. Over time, that excitement can fade and so can our motivation. Even with a really solid action plan and checking in with me, you might find it hard to stay motivated- after all, you are only human. Hypnosis is the motivation factor. It reprograms your brain to do your new behaviors on an automatic basis.

How is the hypnosis added in? There are several ways the hypnosis element is added in. Sometimes we will do a regular hypnosis session (in person or via Skype or a different virtual method). Sometimes I will give you a recording. Either way, the hypnosis will fit however you need it to.

What if a week is too long in between? Great news! I offer several plans to help you. Plans range from contact once a week to daily!

Contact me today at or 484-373-9990 to learn more or to set up your first appointment!

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