Hypnosis for the LGBT Community

*Updated 7/27/2018**

Tender Empowerment has always been LGBT friendly. I understand that there are certain issues that can be unique, or of more importance, to the LGBT community. I am happy to announce that I am now certified to help Transgender clients. The information that I learned in this course can be extended to help everyone in the LGBT community.

Exactly how does hypnosis help those in the LGBT community? The issues that present themselves to LGBT clients are really the same as everyone else. There can be a need for self acceptance, confidence, body acceptance, and things of that nature.

Accepting who you are as an LGBT individual, or family member, can bring up a lot of emotions, personal struggles, and fear. The sad statistic is that the LGBT community faces problems like alcoholism and drug use, suicide, self harm, and other issues that often result from fear.

With hypnosis, we can work on overcoming fears, building self acceptance and love, instilling confidence in every individual.

Even those who came out years ago, can benefit from hypnosis. Perhaps there is still a block and you are not allowing yourself to be your authentic self. Perhaps you are still carrying around guilt for letting someone in your life down by not being straight.

For those who are just coming to terms with your sexuality identity or orientation, hypnosis can help make the process easier.

Hypnosis for the LGBT community does NOT:

I want to make sure that everyone understand what hypnosis will not do.

Hypnosis will NOT speed up the process of transitioning. Everything is a journey. Hypnosis can be a wonderful tool to help with transitions but it will not speed up any journey. To clarify, hypnosis can help a client reach things sooner than they would without hypnosis, such as coming out to loved ones, however, you can not start your journey today, have hypnosis tomorrow, and by the next day everyone will be completely fine with your transition. I believe that the journey itself is very important. The amount of self discovery which can be gained is amazing. Rushing any process could mean you are losing out on things you didn’t even know you need to learn. Enjoy each step of the way.

Hypnosis will NOT make someone straight I can not stress this one enough. Without getting into politics and religion, there is no evidence that any conversion therapy works. Simply put, there is nothing broken about being LGBT. Using hypnosis to try and make someone straight (or homosexual for that matter) would be a waste of time and money, be immoral, and just plain wrong. If you are struggling with being homosexual or having a family member who is, we can try to work through this issue but it will NEVER change your sexual identity or orientation.

Hypnosis CAN:

* Hypnosis can help you be your authentic self

* Hypnosis can help you deal with any fear you might have surrounding who you are

*Hypnosis can help you learn to accept yourself for who you are

*Hypnosis can help you gain the confidence you might need

*Hypnosis can help you overcome any guilt you might have

*Hypnosis can help family members come to terms with a loved one’s identity.

Hypnosis can do wonders for the LGBT community. If you would like a free consultation, please email me at Becka@tenderempowerment.com and we can discuss ways hypnosis can help YOU.

Tender Empowerment is proud to be an ally for the LGBT community.   If you would like a free 15 minute phone consultation call me at 484-373-9693.  It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, virtual sessions are available.

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