How To Reach Your New Year’s Goals

Happy 2018! It is the year that you have been waiting for, this is your year! How do you make things different this year? Well, for starters, throw out the resolutions. Resolutions have a hug failure rate and you are ready to succeed! So how do you create change without resolutions? Simple, create goals.

When creating goals, the key is to make them practical, simple and easy to manage. Do not create unrealistic timelines. For example, if you want to lose weight, don’t set yourself up to fail by saying “I am going to lose 5 pounds in a week.” As much as you change your eating and exercising, you can not guarantee weight loss. Instead, create a realistic plan. “I will workout twice this week.” This is much easier to control. It is also realistic. If you are not currently working out at all, trying to workout every day or every other day from day one is setting yourself up to fail. Start out slowly and add more time once you reach small goals.

Plan out your goals. Really think about your main goal. Let’s say you want to lose 20 pounds. Well, you can’t just push a button and get there. What do you need to do? Perhaps your first step has to be really basic. Maybe you need to research how to lose weight first. Learn new recipes, call gyms and get prices, etc. Go back to basics as far as you need to go. Be sure to add a timeline for these baby steps so you stay on task. For example, your first step might be “By next Monday I will know what foods I want to eat and where I want to workout”. If you need to, break it up even smaller by day “Today I research workouts, Tomorrow I research food.”

Be sure to write down all the steps and adjust as needed. You might not be able to write step 3 without doing step 1 if you still need to research. Remember to look back at all the small goals that you have reached if you start feeling frustrated. Put a line through the goals when you reach them. It can give you so much satisfaction!

Learn to watch your self talk. Your mind cannot understand the word not. Instead of thinking “I won’t eat that chocolate cake”, think “The food I ate left me satisfied” or “I will enjoy an apple for snack”.

Using vision boards and affirmations are other great ways to keep your goal in your mind. Hypnosis adds the motivation you might need to stick with your goal plan. Coaching services can be a great help as well! Call me today for a free consult and I will explain to you how I can help you make 2018 your year!

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