Can You Make Me A Billionaire?

Hi, I’m a hypnotherapist.  You can probably imagine some of the crazy comments and questions I hear after I introduce myself.  Mostly I get asked if I will make you bark like a dog, the answer is always “Only if you want me to.”  Last night, someone asked me if I could make them a billionaire through hypnosis.   The answer is sure!

Okay, I can’t promise to make anyone rich and as much as I wish it were, hypnosis just isn’t magic.  To become a billionaire it takes hard work, a skill and probably a great business idea.  Unfortunately, hypnosis can’t really help with those things for the most part.  However, hypnosis CAN help you in so many ways on your journey.

Let’s start with your skill.  Hypnosis can actually help you enhance your skills.  By using visualization, you can fine tune any one of your skills.  Becoming a master of a skill is a really important step to becoming wealthy.

How about public speaking? The path to becoming a billionaire usually means  you are going to need to talk in front of people.  Perhaps it’s networking that you need to do or talking on the phone.  Whatever anxieties or phobias you have about talking to others, hypnosis can help you overcome them.

People sometimes create blocks in their lives.  For whatever reason, a block can be created early on in life that keeps someone from becoming successful.  A belief that things never go right, or maybe a few of success, whatever the block is, hypnosis can help remove it and get you on your way to success.

What fears are holding you back? Maybe you are afraid of failing? Maybe you are afraid to leave your comfy job and take the first step? Whatever fears you have, again hypnosis can help you overcome them.

I can also help you as a coach.  There are steps that you need to take in the right order to become successful in any part of life.  Your path to becoming a billionaire is no different. I can help you figure out the steps you need to take, how to take them and help keep you accountable along the way.

So even though I can’t promise that you will become a billionaire, a millionaire or even wealthy, I can help you on your path to success in so many ways. However, if you DO reach billionaire status, I get 10% .

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Becka believes that true health comes from mind, spirit, and body health. She enjoys learning and developing her own life as she helps others. Becka utilizes hypnosis in a number of ways to help her clients the very best way possible.