HypnoCoaching Services

We all have times where we feel like we need some direction. Imagine if you had a roadmap that could help you live your life to it’s fullest potential. A life coach’s job is to help you explore yourself, set goals that are right for you, and to cheer you on when you reach your goals. Together, you create the map for living your best life.

HypnoCoaching is a trademarked technique that combines hypnosis and life coaching to create the best outcome for you, the client. A coach is someone who helps you plan, reach your goals and cheers you on. A life coach is simply someone who does all that for your life. Hypnosis is used in many ways during the process. For starters, hypnosis can be used to help figure out what goals you want to create and how to get there by accessing your subconscious mind. Also, hypnosis is often used as the motivation.

How Hypnosis Paired with Life Coaching Can Help You

Hypnosis creates permanent, lasting change based on the goals you set. Change can be hard and, at times, feels stressful. During HypnoCoaching, hypnosis can be used to manage stress as well. There are other ways that hypnosis helps this process including confidence building, overcoming fears, and so much more. In short, the correct type of hypnosis is added to the coaching based on your needs. 

How HypnoCoaching Applies To Your Situation

  • Changing jobs. Stuck in a rut? Considering changing jobs but not sure what you want to do?  A life coach can help!
  • Going back to school. Know you want to go back to school but not sure which direction to go in? Know what you want to study but not sure how to do it and manage the rest of your life? Again, a life coach can help!
  • Relationships. Whether it’s dating, developing friendships, divorce or problems parenting, life coaching can offer you a solution.
  • Happiness. Maybe you don’t know what part of your life needs changing but you know you’re not happy. Life coaching uses tools to help you figure it out!

Whatever is going on in your life, having a life coach can make it a lot easier!

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Becka has been trained and certified by Lisa Halpin, the creator of HypnoCoaching. Using the proven HypnoCoaching techniques, Becka can help you discover yourself, set goals for accomplishing your dreams and make lasting changes that can completely transform your life.

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