Comforting And Calming
Just had my very first session. Let me be the first to say how impressed and amazed I was. I truly thought I would not be able to relax (& any one who knows me knows how I am with relaxing haha)
Her voice is comforting and calming. Her music was relaxing and peaceful. And her words were enchanting.
This may have been my first session, but it will NOT be my last!
– Melanie Dietrich

You Won’t Regret It!
I am a HUGE skeptic….ok, ok….scratch that. I WAS a huge skeptic. I thought there was no way that hypnosis would work. Becka changed my mind. I don’t think I’ve ever been so relaxed. I was amazed at how I reacted to her calming voice. I would definitely be using her again and HIGHLY recommend her for your hypnosis needs. You won’t regret it!
– Nancy Hagenbuch

Professional And Calming
I had a session with Becka about two months ago. She was very professional and calming. I have never felt so relaxed, so much so, I use the same relaxing method for yoga. Her voice put me in a different world…I still think about how amazing it was to be in Florida, as I was laying in my bed. When I have a tough day, I return to the thought of floating in a cloud and being in Florida, that is my happy place and Becka unlocked that door.
– Stephanie Frable-Miller