Pay No Attention To The Mind Behind The Curtain

Humans have the power of being conscious creatures.  We have the ability to make our own choices, have the power off free will, and can decide what we want to do.  Every day we make so many decisions and have the freedom to do what we want to do, it’s great right?

Actually, our conscious mind is not what we think it is.  We are not as in control as we like to believe.  Think about our conscious mind being the “Great and Powerful Oz” when really it is the man behind the curtain that is in charge.

The almighty subconscious mind is really running the show.   Stop and think for a moment.  Start with thinking about how you got out of bed this morning and everything you did since then.  How many actual choices did you make today?  Think harder.  Maybe you decided to get up instead of hitting snooze.  Or maybe your alarm went off and you were suddenly out of bed.  Either scenario, you probably didn’t think about which foot to put on the floor first.  You just automatically started your morning routine.  You probably entered the bathroom and possibly the shower without really thinking about it.  Maybe then you poured yourself a cup of coffee, grabbed your keys and ran out the door.  Perhaps you took your coffee and sat down at your computer.  All of these things you don’t need to think about.  All of these things (and much, much more) your subconscious just does for you.

The most fascinating thing is that we know relatively little about our minds.   There are some studies that have taken place but there is so much we don’t understand.  The part we do know is that we program our subconscious minds to do most of our work for us.   If we didn’t it would be like we were learning how to do something for the first time every single day.  Think about learning how to walk…okay most of us don’t remember that but we are not born knowing how to walk.  It takes practice, mastering smaller skills like standing up first, and a lot of falling down.  This process is programming our subconscious so that we can walk “without thinking” about it.

One thing that most of us can relate to is driving.  We usually think that we are completely consciously aware while we are driving. I mean, you have to be right? Wouldn’t it  be dangerous otherwise? Well, guess what?   Once we have learned how to drive, our subconscious does most of the driving.  If we consciously had to think about how to drive, we would get to our destinations exhausted.  We also use our subconscious to learn routes.  Think about how you drive to work or school or the store.  You probably take the same route most of the time.  This is because we have programmed our subconscious to take this route.  Even when we decide to take a different route, once the choice has been made, our subconscious mind takes over.  My favorite example of this is when you are driving down the highway and suddenly you realize you are a lot further than you thought.  A little wave of panic might hit you because you feel like you weren’t paying attention for the last ten miles.  It’s totally okay! Your well trained subconscious has gotten you there safely.

What does this all mean?  It means that you can change things but you need to get them set in your subconscious.  You can consciously decide to lose weight but making it part of your programming can be a pretty hard task.  For whatever reason, the subconscious seems hard to change once it is set.  Don’t worry, there is great news!  Hypnosis is the process of changing that subconscious programming.   Contact me today for more information!

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