Hypnosis can help your children in so many ways!

Kids are great, aren’t they? They are born, you raise them and then off to adulthood they go. Parenting children is so easy and whenever you do have a question, you can simply consult their direction manual…. oh wait, no. Raising kids is a great joy but it can also be tiring, trying, confusing, and stressful.

Every child is different. Every childhood is different. Kids face so many issues everyday and more now than when we were their age. Sometimes, even the best parents need some help.

Hypnosis can work wonders for children. Bed wetting, sport performance, school performance, and self confidence are just some of the areas hypnosis can really help kids.

Hypnosis can not change behavior that a child does not want to change, however, there are often things that kids do want to change associated with the behavior. A trained hypnotherapist can help reach the child and create the change that both the parents and child desire.

What makes me qualified to see children in my practice? I have been certified in Child Hypnosis by the American Hypnosis Association, I also have a certificate from Cedar Crest College in child welfare. I am the mother of four, I have been a coach for T-ball and soccer teams, I am a Girl Scout leader and PTA president. I firmly believe that children’s welfare is of utmost importance.

An appointment with a child is a bit different than with adults. A session with a child is generally shorter than with adults, as their attention span is shorter. We might use some toys and crafts to help children feel comfortable and talk about what’s important to them.

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