What To Expect

The first step to creating change is finding this website. Congrats you completed step one! 

It is now time for step two.  Perhaps you are totally ready to start hypnosis sessions or maybe you need a little more information.  Click on the “Contact Me” button and fill out the contact form. Becka will call you for a free fifteen minute consultation.  At this time, you can ask any remaining questions you have and set up your first appointment.

You will then receive emails including forms that need to be completed before your first appointment. You will also be sent an invoice for your first appointment. All sessions must be prepaid. Sessions cancelled forty eight hours or less before the session time will not be refunded. Just like your time is valued, so is the time at Tender Empowerment. If, for whatever reason, you would prefer to pay in cash, that can be arranged.

Hypnotherapy appointments can be done virtually or in person.  If you decide to do them virtually, at the time of your appointment, find a comfortable place in your home where you will not be disturbed. Make sure your device (preferably a laptop or tablet with a stand) are charged or plugged in. 

In person sessions include having you enter the office and sit in the world’s most comfortable chair. At this time, Tender Empowerment does not have a waiting room. Please be considerate if there is a session before yours and remain in your car or outside.  Also, if you have someone with you, please have them consider remaining in their car during your session if you do not want them with you.  Hypnosis sessions can be extremely personal and clients often find another person distracting. Either way, the choice is yours.

The first part of the session is getting to know you. In order to help you the best way possible, your goals, desires and even struggles will be addressed. In some cases, certain options will be discussed in order to get you the best results. 

Now comes the fun part! You get to kick your feet up and relax while your mind works for you. You will get comfortable- kick your shoes off if you want, it’s all about you! Close your eyes and just listen to the sound of Becka’s voice.

Being in hypnosis is different for everyone. It is simply a state of relaxation.  Every client is in control at all times.  Some people actually fall asleep during hypnosis, which is completely fine. Your subconscious is working at all times. Some people describe hypnosis as the feeling you get right before you fall asleep but are still awake. There are still others who claim they weren’t in a state of hypnosis because everything felt so normal.  All of these experiences are valid and it is exciting to see what your experience will be like.

Once you are out of hypnosis, you will spend a few minutes discussing your experience and be on your way. Most people can go about the normal routine feeling wonderful in every way.