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Reopening, discovering, and more

I have spent the last several years earning my Master’s degree. I am very happy to have it but at this point, I don’t feel like I am going to seek the next step to become a counselor. I have known that I am meant to help people. However, in order to do that in a way that I feel is best, I will be redesigning my business. I haven’t had time to see clients in the past year, and with COVID, it made it even harder. I thought about doing virtual session, however, something wasn’t right. I am working …

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Pain Is Mostly In Your Mind (Or, Even My Husband Doesn’t Get What I do)

It’s always a fun day when your husband comes up to you excitedly and tells you about a podcast he just heard. It’s even better when he tells yous something you have been trying to get through to people for the last four years. “They were talking about pain and how most of it is actually in your mind!” I sat there and starred at him. “You don’t say?” “Well, I KNOW you know that but it was the way they put it that changed something in the way I think about it,” the husband redeems himself with. That actually …

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Self Care is NOT an Escape

I saw a meme the other day that has been bothering me ever since I saw it.  It said something about “build a life you don’t need to regularly escape from.”  The over all thought of the meme wasn’t exactly wrong, however, the words used bothered me greatly. The idea is that self care should be something that is part of your life.  Yes, we should build in regular, daily self care.  Every single day we should have a routine that includes self care.  That message is great but self care should not ever be compared to an escape. Life …

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Help Safeguard Your Kids

I have talked about this issue before but I have been seeing it come up a lot lately so I want to talk about it again.  There seems to always be cases about parents leaving babies in a hot car and the poor child dies.  I see so many parents pass judgement and even blame the parent for intentionally causing the death.  The truth is, when you look at how the mind works, you can see how easy it is for this tragedy to take place. Your subconscious mind is way more powerful than we like to admit. So many …

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Learning from Past Memories

I am very excited to announce that I will be doing regressions in the coming weeks. Regression hypnosis can help with many different things including helping find lost items, retrieving lost memories and healing. One of the big things we use regression hypnosis for is learning about something that is a little controversial.  Before I get into that, I am asking you to keep open mind for a minute and I will explain why.  I am talking about past life regressions. When I say past life regression, there is usually a few different responses.  The majority of people fit into …

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Overcoming Fears

We all have our own fears but when they interfere with business, they can be a huge issue. .  Your employees fears of flying, public speaking, talking on the phone, failure, and more can really cause issues for your business.   Dealing with fears is probably best done within a private session but some fears can be done as a workshop.  Almost everyone can benefit form a workshop on overcoming the fear of failure and even social anxiety.  Fear of flying is most likely specific to one or two of your employees.  Whatever the fear is, I can help you help …

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Healthier Habits

Healthier employees mean less sick days mean more productivity. Almost everyone wants to have healthier habits whether this is losing weight, exercising, eating better or getting more sleep.  A workshop with hypnosis can help your employees reach their goals, which can help you reach yours. A lot of businesses already have health initiative budgets! I can design a workshop to fit any time and budget restraints.

Better Work Habits

We’ve all heard that old adage, “Time is money.”  You already have some amazing employees with wonderful skills but maybe they are having some time management issues.  Hypnosis and coaching can help your employees form better work habits which lead to better productivity and, yes, more money. Consult an accountant to find out if your business can claim a tax write off for holding a workshop.

Stress Management Workshops

Stress is something that we all deal with. There is no avoiding it.  Helping your employees deal with stress can result in higher levels of productivity, less days off, healthier employees, less staff overturn, and so many more benefits for your business.  Stress management workshops can help your employees overcome the stress they are currently dealing with and learn how to handle any stress that might come up.  This includes handling their personal stress so it doesn’t interfere with their work.  I can come to your business and work within your time frame to help your employees learn this valuable …

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And Much More!

Hypnosis can help with almost anything and everything that you are dealing with.  Hypnosis is a wonderful tool for both business owners/management and employees.  Hypnosis workshops are available at your place of business or we can arrange a workshop at another location if needed.  Hypnosis can also be done in private sessions and long distance. Helping deal with small issues in your business can have huge results.  Contact me today to learn more and/or to schedule an appointment. If you are an employee and want to encourage your boss to schedule a workshop, feel free to have them call me …

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