Pride Month! LGBTQ Hypnosis is All About Love

*edited on 7/27/2018**
It is June, which means it is Pride Month! Once again, Tender Empowerment is proud to be an ally for the LGBT community(see original post here).  It seems like it is getting harder for the LGBTQ community with the way things are at the current time and I want to make sure that everyone understands that hypnosis can be a great tool for many struggling right now.

I also want to be clear that hypnosis is not a “cure” for homosexulaity.  Hypnosis can help deal with some of the issues that members in the LGBTQ community face and it can empower them to love themselves.

When it comes down to it, this month is about love.  The right to love whomever you want. The right to love yourself no matter what.  Love. It’s such a simple little word but it’s meaning is so big.  Love, easy to say but sometimes hard to feel.

The month is also about the pride the LGBTQ community has for how far things have come.  Everyone has a right to be proud of themselves and their community.  Pride means feeling good about who you are and being able to be yourself without worry.

Pride and love are both such amazing words but so many people struggle with them.  So many people are dealing with trying to come to terms with who they are.  Unfortunately, not everyone has family and friends who love them unconditionally.  Or perhaps they do but they don’t realize it.

Hypnosis can help everyone deal with the issues that are preventing them from feeling love and pride.  Hypnosis can help with confidence to be yourself, confidence to come out to your loved ones or even the rest of the world.  Hypnosis can also help those struggling figure out who they are.

I offer free 15 minute phone consultations to help you decide if hypnosis can help you with whatever it is that you might be struggling with. All sessions can be done on the phone or other methods, so don’t worry about how far apart we live! My wish for everyone is that you feel love and pride this month and the entire year.

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