Pain Is Mostly In Your Mind (Or, Even My Husband Doesn’t Get What I do)

It’s always a fun day when your husband comes up to you excitedly and tells you about a podcast he just heard. It’s even better when he tells yous something you have been trying to get through to people for the last four years.

“They were talking about pain and how most of it is actually in your mind!” I sat there and starred at him. “You don’t say?”

“Well, I KNOW you know that but it was the way they put it that changed something in the way I think about it,” the husband redeems himself with.

That actually made me start thinking. How can I word things to get people to understand? All of hypnosis is based upon the fact that everything- pain, habits, etc., is because of your mind.

Almost daily, I see people talking about a pain they have, often times chronic. They are looking for ways to deal with it. I suggest hypnosis but most of the time, they blow it off.

So, I will try again to explain how hypnosis is amazing for dealing with pain. Your body has nerves that feel pain, right? Wrong. The nerves are simply a device your body uses to understand that there is a sensation. Once the sensation travels up to your brain, your brain then decides how the sensation should be experienced.

Think about this, have you ever mentioned that something hurts and a friend says, “what are you talking about, it tickles.” You are simply translating the sensations differently inside your mind.

There are countless stories about parents who get into car accidents. Even with broken bones and other bad injuries, they are able to get their children to safety before even realizing they are hurt. Adrenaline and other hormones can explain part of this phenomena, but the mind has a big part to play. The mind realizes that the safety of the children is more important than the sensation of pain and blocks the pain from registering until it feels like it is safe.

Finally, this of childbirth. Countless woman have given birth without any type of pain medication. There is a lot of research that explains that the way the woman deals with the sensation of birth greatly influences if she uses medication or not.

The truth of the matter is simple, pain takes place within your mind. The way you perceive the sensations dictate how strongly you feel the pain. Using hypnosis, you can easily train your mind to deal with the sensations in a better manner and allow you to be in control of your pain.

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