Weight Loss for the New Year!

Hypnosis for weight loss! It is a very common use and can be very effective.  However, there are some things you need to know first. Hypnosis is never a magic fix. You can’t come in for a session and then walk out 10 pounds lighter…sorry, if I could do that I would be a millionaire! Also, there are some things that work for some people but not for others. Hypnosis can basically help everyone lose weight  but exactly HOW is what you need to think about.

On a hypnotherapists page on a social media site, I saw someone post once that an overweight hypnotherapist can not help a client for weight loss. Personally, I think this man was just trying to cause problems.  For starters, (and probably the biggest reason), hypnosis is always about YOU- the client.  It is your journey. As a hypnotherapist, my own journey should never interfere with yours at all.  My beliefs, morals, etc are put aside when I am seeing a client.  If any hypnotherapist can not do that for any reason, they need to refuse to see the client.  Second, I am going through my own personal experiences with weight.  Having done some of my own research and experienced certain things, I can probably relate to someone who is overweight more than a hypnotherapist who has always been skinny.  Empathy and similar life experience can add so much value to a client.

We all know that diet, exercise and water intake are key elements for losing weight.  A general weight loss hypnosis session can help you lose a few pounds.  However, for the best results, a personal session is ideal.  With a properly trained hypnotherapist, such as myself, a personal session can be developed.

The best thing to do is to do your homework BEFORE going to your first session. Think about what you eat, how you eat and when you eat.  Think about your exercise and how much water you drink. Feel free to write it down or even journal about it before seeing a hypnotherapist.

Why do I want you to all this work first? The more we understand about what’s going on with your weight struggle, the easier we can fix it.  Maybe you exercise everyday but have a stressful job and eat when you are stressed. Maybe you eat right but don’t feel motivated to exercise.  Perhaps you are overall happy with your weight but gained a few holiday pounds and want to lose them. Hypnosis will give you the motivation and the drive to do what YOU need to do for yourself.

Another benefit in seeing a hypnotherapist is that weight might not be your actual issue. Wait..what?  That’s right, there can be other underlying issues that are preventing you from losing weight.  Stress can be a HUGE factor in weight issues. A lot of people find themselves stress or emotionally eating.  There could be other issues such as low self esteem or countless other problems that hypnosis can help you overcome!  A qualified hypnotherapist will also know when they can’t help you- or at least help you alone- and will refer you to someone else.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or to discuss setting up a consultation!  2016 can be the year you take it off AND keep it off for good!

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