Self Care….or school’s starting and back to the real world

There is one week left until the school year starts.  PTA, Girl Scouts, homework help, more activities, more laundry (we pretty much live in out bathing suits in the summer), sounds busy right? Well yes but during the school year I also have time that I don’t seem to have now. I have a confession to make… this summer I really neglected ME.  Between doing fun things with my kids and breaking up disagreements, I  failed myself.  I haven’t even taken a walk since June! (Which is honestly because I hate exercising when it’s super hot).

So, what have I found? Well, I haven’t been feeling so well lately. The reason is, self care is SO very important! Have you see the meme with the coffee cup? It is so true, you can’t pour from an empty cup. We can not take care of others if we don’t first take care of ourselves!

It seems like every year at this time, I start feeling like I am back in the real world.  Next year I will be better to myself all summer but for now, I will concentrate on NOW.

Here are some ways to do self care that everyone can find time for. I recommend doing one thing a day but you can start with a few times a week if you need to.

  • Read a book for fun! (This one I DID do this summer)
  • Take time for hobbies
  • Take a hot bath with Epsom or Pink Himalayan Salt.  This has wonderful health benefits
  • Meditate or seek hypnosis
  • Get active! I don’t like to use the “E word” but take a walk, dance, find something you enjoy
  • Journal
  • Enjoy a cup of coffee or tea in a quiet space
  • Drink more water or eat more fruits and vegetables
  • Get a massage, energy healing, or even a manicure. This one might not be practical every week- maybe once a month or once every three months.

There are so many ways to take care of YOU! Go out for breakfast with a good friend or call one up. Just make sure that what you do for yourself leaves you feeling energized and happy.  If you do something and find yourself not feeling great afterward, there is probably a reason.  For instance, going to a family party might be something that sounds like self care but if you don’t get along with your family or they leave you feeling drained, this is not self care.

Whatever you do, I hope you find an hour a day for yourself. You will find your relationships, your mood, and everything about your life will be so much better once you start taking care of you!

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