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aid19998-728px-Perform-Self-Hypnosis-Step-1-Version-2I am  not going to talk badly about anyone. Each professional has their beliefs and reasons why they do certain things.  I would just like to offer a little warning. I have been seeing a lot of past life regression groups being advertised lately.  Some are being offered by hypnotherapists, others by spiritual people.  Each time I see them advertised, I feel worried.

Regression can be a very amazing, helpful tool.  Throughout our life (and some believe past lives), we get imprinted by different experiences.  These imprints can be good- such as doing a great job in a school play, or these imprints can be harmful- such as being called fat by a bully (or loved one).  Imprints shape the rest of our lives.  Regression hypnosis takes clients back to when an imprint happens and helps the client deal with it differently so it can no longer have a negative effect on the present.  Often times clients don’t even remember these incidents.  The subconscious mind never forgets and stores everything that has happened.

Group sessions can be great.  Usually practitioners can charge less per person, clients feel more comfortable bringing a friend with them, and other reasons.  Groups are wonderful for weight loss, stress reduction, fears, and even smoking.  I do not believe that regressions should be done in a group setting.

As I stated earlier, clients often don’t remember things that have happened in the past.  Add in the possibility of a past life and clients really don’t remember what happened.  Very often, a forgotten trauma can be discovered during a regression.  I can’t imagine being in a group and having one client becoming upset.  The practitioner would have to be extremely skilled at handling the upset member while keeping  the other clients from becoming upset.  It seems like an almost impossible job.

I do not believe that anyone is doing regression work out of malice. I do believe that everyone wants to help their clients and do good for them.  However, not all regression practitioners have the same training.  Personally, I believe a training in Psychology is important for any regression practitioner to have.  If/when a client discovers a long forgotten imprint, the practitioner needs to know how properly help the client re frame it.  Hypnotherapists who have specialized in regression hypnosis have learned this skill as well.  I worry the most when well meaning spiritual individuals  lead regressions.  Spiritual practitioners are often the least regulated as far as training is concerned.   Often times they have learned through a spiritual teacher and not through an organization which makes sure their teachers are well trained.

Regressions can be wonderful tools and have amazing repercussions on the rest of your life.  I just ask you to be very careful in choosing how you experience one.

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