Hypnosis For Businesses

*Updated 12/13/3021*

Hypnosis for self help seems pretty self-explanatory but how can a business use hypnosis to create a more productive, healthier and all around better work environment? 

Hypnosis can help your employees in countless ways, and in short, help your business thrive.  Here are just some of the ways it can help:

Help Employees Over Come Fear

We all have our own fears but when they interfere with business, they can be a huge issue. .  Your employees fears of flying, public speaking, talking on the phone, failure, and more can really cause issues for your business.   Dealing with fears can be done within a private session but some fears can be done as a workshop.  Almost everyone can benefit form a workshop on overcoming the fear of failure and even social anxiety.  

Healthier Employee Habits

Healthier employees mean less sick days mean more productivity. Almost everyone wants to have healthier habits whether this is losing weight, exercising, eating better or getting more sleep.  A workshop with hypnosis can help your employees reach their goals, which can help you reach yours. A lot of businesses already have health initiative budgets!  Workshops can be designed to fit any time and budget restraints.

Better Work Habits

We’ve all heard that old adage, “Time is money.”  You already have some amazing employees with wonderful skills but maybe they are having some time management issues.  Hypnosis and coaching can help your employees form better work habits which lead to better productivity and, yes, more money. Consult an accountant to find out if your business can claim a tax write off for holding a workshop or individual sessions.

Stress Management

Stress is something that we all deal with. There is no avoiding it.  Helping your employees deal with stress can result in higher levels of productivity, less days off, healthier employees, less staff overturn, and so many more benefits for your business.  Stress management workshops can help your employees overcome the stress they are currently dealing with and learn how to handle any stress that might come up.  This includes handling their personal stress so it doesn’t interfere with their work. Consult your accountant but in many cases, these workshops are tax deductible! This is a win-win situation! Healthier, happier employees and a tax deduction!

Being Organized

Being organized is essential for the success of any business.  Some people seem to lack organizational skills or perhaps they just get overwhelmed and lose the organization they had.  Whatever the reason, hypnosis can work on a subconscious level to help you become and stay organized. Being more organized can help you be more productive and more profitable! 

Increasing Productivity

Giving your employees breaks is wonderful and required by law, however, did you know that smokers take an average of six days off worth of smoke breaks a year?  Many businesses are more flexible about breaks for smokers and nonsmokers are usually less likely to take breaks.  Nonsmoking employees often feel frustrated by their smoking coworkers which can lead to a turbulent workplace.   The time smokers take to go outside, smoke, come back in and resettle into their job can be twenty minutes or longer!  Not to mention the strains on the business such as having to maintain a designated smoke area that won’t interfere with your customers  and the greater chance of your smoking employees calling off of work do to smoking related illnesses.  Bottom line, smoking employees are a real burden for your business.   What can you do about this?

The answer is, offer an  incentive to help your employees quit smoking.  This could simply be, helping them pay for smoking cessation hypnosis.   Discount are available  for a group hypnosis workshop at your business or private sessions paid for by businesses are also available.

Either way, a smoke free work environment can add productivity, comradery, health and money back into your business!

Take Yourself Further

As a business owner, you probably have a mental list of things you want to do with your business but you just can’t seem to get them done. There can be a few reasons for that.

  1. Fear- Perhaps deep down you have a fear of failing . Hypnosis can help you overcome it!
  2. Time management- Finding the time to do something new can be a challenge! HypnoCoaching can help you figure out how to find the time.
  3. Motivation- Sometimes the idea sounds great but you just can’t find the motivation. Hypnosis works on a subconscious level to give you that motivation!

Whatever is holding you back, hypnosis and/or coaching can help you take your business to the next level.

And More!

Hypnosis can help with almost anything and everything that you are dealing with.  Hypnosis is a wonderful tool for both business owners/management and employees.  Hypnosis workshops are available at your place of business or we can arrange a workshop at another location if needed.  Helping deal with small issues in your business can have huge results.

The bottom line is that hypnosis is an amazing tool to help your business work harder for you. Packages are available for workshops and private sessions to help each of your employees in the best way possible!

Email Becka@TenderEmpowerment.com or call 484-373-9693 today to start planning how hypnosis can best help your business be better than ever!

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