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I just read an article that said mental health is everything! Yes, it really is. Without good mental health your physical health, your relationships, your job, everything can be effected.  So, what is it and how do you get it?

For years, many people would seek the help of a therapist.  Years ago this was a bit of a taboo practice, then it became trendy and then  the norm.  So why are so many people still struggling with mental health?

The problem is, seeing a therapist is not a fix all for everyone.  Therapists can be amazing for a lot of people.  Therapists can help you find the problem, help figure out where the problem started, and give you tools to move on.  Many people find this to be exactly what they need.

However, many people don’t like this method of mental health.  Some people might have had bad experiences, don’t want to find out why the feel the way that they do- they just want to fix it, or maybe they just need to try something else. Life coaching can be the answer!

Life coaching can help you become more self aware but focuses more on the present and future.  The road traveled isn’t as important as the journey and the destination.

Deciding to change can be a major first step.   The problem is, your sub conscious mind isn’t always on board with changing.  Think about your mind like this- your subconscious is the auto pilot and your conscious mind is the driver.  Your sub conscious will keep on using the same program until it is changed.  You can consciously decide to change but until you are able to reprogram your auto pilot, you won’t get anywhere new.  Sometimes, you need to call in a programer. Hypnosis is the programmer you are looking for!

HypnoCoaching is the best of both worlds!  As a HypnoCoach, I can help you find the tools you need to decide on change and use hypnosis to help you reprogram that stubborn auto pilot.  The best part is, this can be done by phone for only a half hour per week!  (initial appointment is longer)

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Becka believes that true health comes from mind, spirit, and body health. She enjoys learning and developing her own life as she helps others. Becka utilizes hypnosis in a number of ways to help her clients the very best way possible.