Is It The Right Time?

There’s no time like the present, right? Wrong! When you are trying to create change, timing can be the most important aspect to consider.

When you want to make change, take a few minutes to think about how your life will be affected by the change. What events do you have coming up? Think about any celebrations or anniversaries as well. Plan to start your change around these things.

This is not to say to overthink it. This isn’t an excuse that can be used to put off changing. “I’m going on a cruise in 6 months so I can’t lose weight now because I will eat a lot then” doesn’t cut it. However, “I am going to be really busy next week and needing to rely on quick meals in order to eat” might. How about trying to quit smoking? If you know you are about to go out with a group of friends who all smoke for a special night, you might want to wait until that night passes if it is within the next three weeks or so. Also pay attention to those dates. Trying to lose weight a few days before your birthday might not be a great idea if you are planning on having a nice meal and cake. Quitting smoking might not work if it is around the anniversary of a loved one’s death. Perhaps the same could be said for nail biting and other coping methods.

Hypnosis creates permanent lasting change but it does take a few sessions. On average, we say it takes about 6 sessions. Keep this in mind before you start your change.

The good news is, hypnosis can actually help you even before you get through the event or date on the calendar. A session or two before the event itself can help you start getting into the right mind set. At your first appointment, I can help you figure out what might be a problem moving forward. I guess there really is no time like the present afterall. If you feel ready to create change, contact me right away. Either at or even before your first appointment, we can discuss any concerns you might have regarding dates. Sometimes I might suggest 1 session right away and then a second one 2 or 3 weeks later to allow the date in question to pass.

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