Incredibles 2 Hypnosis Doesn’t Work That Way

Last night we went to the drive in. We try to go once a summer as a bit of a family tradition. Every summer there is at least one family movie that we are all excited to see and try to pick that as the drive in night. This year, we were so excited that two movies we all really wanted to see were playing back to back. One of the movies we (the adults) had been waiting for or years- Incredibles 2!

Picture it, 11:30 at night, starting to get chilly, enjoying the movie with my kids, husband, and friends and then it happens. The plot line… an evil villain uses hypnosis to control the city to help them take over the world.


I must admit the plot line left me a bit unfulfilled. Seriously, we have been waiting for this movie for fourteen years and then a very old, tired, and inaccurate plot line was presented.

I get it Hollywood, I really do. Mind control makes a great story line. It is awesome that we can control people using hypnosis and get them to do our bidding…although we can’t. If I could, I would be rich! Hypnotherapists would be ruling the world and fighting each other for power! (hmm, now THAT might be a cool plot line)

Unfortunately, that’s not how hypnosis works. I can not make you do anything you don’t want to do, no matter how hard I try.

Hypnosis will only work if you want it to. Hollywood can make all of it’s silly little movies but I want people to understand the truth. Hypnosis can not be used for evil, sorry super villains.

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