Hypnosis For The Broken Hearted

We have all been there. A relationship ends and there is hurt left behind. Even in the best situations, there can be unresolved feelings that take time to deal with. There can even be lingering emotions long after the break up.
In some cases, depression, anxiety or other problems start with a break up and can become rather alarming. What can be done to help witht he heartache?

Wouldn’t it be great to forget the relationship ever happened? Just to be able to wake up and forget all the pain? Well, in 2004, Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet showed us that maybe that’s not the best idea…. (watch the movie “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”)

Every relationship we have helps us learn and grow. The key is moving on from a past relationship in the healthiest way possible. Hypnosis can help!

Hypnosis will NOT make you forget the relationship or even the pain. What hypnosis will do is help you move on and grow. By focusing on your strengths, hypnosis can help you overcome any hurt that exists. Depending on your needs, hypnosis can help you let go of the past, allow you to finish unresolved issues, and strengthen your already wonderful personality.

In 2019, we have an added battle of social media. Sometimes it can become even harder to move on because of friends and family who might still have a relationship. Maybe the ex up “pops” up on social media in places you wouldn’t even expect or maybe you want to have a relationship with them but somethings they post just hurt. Hypnosis can help you deal with even those unexpected problems.

With hypnosis, you will feel your broken heart getting better and being empowered to live the rest of your life to it’s fullest, knowing that you WILL be able to be in a relationship again in the future.

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Becka believes that true health comes from mind, spirit, and body health. She enjoys learning and developing her own life as she helps others. Becka utilizes hypnosis in a number of ways to help her clients the very best way possible.