Hypnosis by Phone

Do you need to be in front of a hypnotherapist in order to be hypnotized? The answer is no. Hypnosis is done via voice so as long as you can hear your hypnotherapist, you are good. The question becomes, should I get hypnotherapy over the phone? There is nothing wrong with phone hypnosis but many hypnotherapists prefer seeing you in front of them- present company included. There are a few reasons for this. When you are in front of a hypnotherapist, they can tell about how deep you are by looking at you, there are depth tests that can only be done in person, and the hypnotherapist can have better control of your environment when you are in front of them.  Bottom line, it makes hypnotherapists more comfortable.

When you are in your own home, you can feel more comfortable, whether you decide to use your couch, bed or favorite chair. I once hypnotized someone in their own home who had several dogs and birds.  The dogs were put in an upstairs room while I was over.  She was a bit of a skeptic about hypnosis so when her dogs were barking throughout the session, I was worried.  Afterwards, she told me what an amazing experience she had had. I asked her if her dogs had bothered her and she asked me if they had been barking the whole time.  So yes, your own house has noises that you can tune out easily if they are every day sounds.

I have decided to start offering phone hypnosis on a trial period for those who live too far from me or can not leave their homes for health reasons.  In order to qualify for phone hypnosis I have also come up these requirements:

  • An area in your home where you can be uninterrupted for at least an hour (up to two hours preferred)
  • A comfortable chair, bed or even area on the floor of said area
  • A phone with speaker phone capabilities
  • The ability to play relaxing music (suggestions available)
  • The ability to pay with credit card or PayPal 24 hours before your appointment

If you can’t make it to me in person and can meet the above requirements, please contact me to schedule an appointment!

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Becka believes that true health comes from mind, spirit, and body health. She enjoys learning and developing her own life as she helps others. Becka utilizes hypnosis in a number of ways to help her clients the very best way possible.