I have been a strong advocate for natural and informed childbirth for a while.  It started with having my first child at the age of 21.  I wanted a natural birth experience but I was very uneducated.  I went to a Lamaze class, but I don’t really think I learned anything that was overly useful.  Each pregnancy, I learned more and had more natural births ending with my wonderful home birth.  I had heard about hypnobirthing but I really had no idea what that meant.  Now, I wish I had learned more about it and taken a course at the time.  My regret is now your benefit.

I am beyond excited to be starting my hypnosis for birth training in just a few days! Why did I call it hypnosis for birth?  There are a lot of hypnobirthing programs out there. I have been researching the programs for about a year now.  I decided on the Blissborn hypnosis for birth method.  It is a type of hypnobirthing. HypnoBirth (notice the capital B), is a brand name.  A lot of programs try not to use the word “hypnobirth” because they want people to understand that it is not HypnoBirth (capital B).  However, hypnosis for birth can be a mouthful and the general public think there is a difference between hypnobirth and bypnosis for birth.  Really, they are the exact same.  The methods do vary slightly but the idea of using hypnosis with childbirth is the same.

Okay, so why did I decide to go with Blissborn?  Several reasons actually.  One thing is, Blissborn adds hypnosis for birth and birth education into one program.  Not only are you learning how to use hypnosis for birth, but you learn everything else the traditional childbirth programs teach you.

A lot of hypnobirthing programs don’t use words like contraction.  Blissborn does.  The philosophy behind Blissborn is that there is nothing negative behind the word contraction.  I agree. It is a natural process and part of childbirth.  I also believe that it is important to speak the same language as your healthcare providers.  Hypnobir th in the Lehigh Valley is not all that common yet.  Using words like “uterine surge” might cause confusion. I imagine a labor and delivery nurse coming on duty and walking into a room where a woman has been laboring for the past few hours.  If the nurse accidentally says contraction instead of “surge”, the mom could experience a lot of upset that is just not needed.  Using contraction helps everyone stay on the same page.

I encourage you to read all about Blissborn here.  There is just so much I could say but I will let their website say it for me.

As for hypnobirthing in general, what is it and why is it?  I want you to think about the last time you saw a birth on TV or the movies.  Screaming, pain, threatening the husband…all sound familiar?  Now think about the last conversation you had with a friend or family member about birth.  Was it negative as well?  The answer is mostly likely yes.

We have allowed this picture of birth to be painted. We have come to think of birth as a medical procedure.  Birth is natural, it is beautiful, it is wonderful and it can be pain free!  Part of using hypnosis for birth is getting rid of the negative thoughts.  When you believe something is going to hurt, it will.  Hypnosis can also teach you how to control your body. There is so much you can control!

Yes, you might still feel discomfort and pressure but there have been a lot of people who have experienced completely pain free births!

Now, having a baby can be very expensive. Why pay more money? Why go natural at all? There are a lot of ways to manage pain during childbirth.  Epidurals and pain medication.  These methods can (and do) make birth longer and put moms at greater risk for needing a C-section.  Babies who are born after their moms use these methods can have a harder time latching on for breast feeding and simply not be very alert because they are experiencing the drugs too.  Hypnobirth can add a little more expense but it is so worth it.  Being able to bond with your baby right after birth without the side effects of drugs or the surgical part of C-sections.  Establishing a great breast feeder from the beginning. Blisborn also teaches the partners how to be involved during birth. What a great gift for baby and other parent!

Attending a live class can make a HUGE difference in your success rate.  Over the next few weeks I will be looking for a location to hold my first Blisborn class.  I will also be working out the payment details. I plan on offering a payment plan to make it easier for parents.  The class is 5 weeks and I will also be available after the class is complete if you ever have more questions or concerns.

I am so excited to be starting this journey and I hope I get to help you start yours! Even if this is not your first pregnancy, I would love to be part of your birth story!


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