Why are you holding onto your pain? (or weight or habit?)

Do you suffer from pain due to a past injury? Trying to lose weight or make another change in your life and NOTHING seems to work? What if I told you, it might be because you are holding onto it. Seems a little crazy right? Not at all. We all do it all the time.  The problem is, often the reason we hold onto things is buried so deep that we don’t even realize it.  Obviously this does not work for everyone. There are medical conditions that are very real so PLEASE do not judge anyone, not even yourself.  However, when you have tried everything else and still are not seeing results, you might very well have a mental block.

What can you do to help yourself?  Spend some time by yourself. Meditate on it or just go to a quiet place and be honest.  You have to be brutally honest with yourself.  Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is the pay off? Is there anything at all that you benefit from your pain? At first you might want to say No way! However, give your time to really think about it.  Does your pain prevent you from exercising and gives you an excuse not to lose weight? How about pain from a bad break up?  Do you use it as a way to keep from getting close to others? Maybe you have physical pain that keeps you from doing housework .  Whatever possible reason you can think of, write it down.
  • Who am I without this pain?  Think about what would happen if you woke up without the pain. How would your life differ? A lot of times, we end up identifying with our pain and the thought of living without it can be pretty scary. Pay attention to any fear that arises with this question.  Write down any thoughts you can.
  • Similarly,  how would your relationships be without this pain? Do you have a family member who acts as a care giver in any way?  Does this pain limit your relationships in any way? Again. notice the areas of fear that arise. Maybe you want to lose weight but are afraid that your partner won’t support your new lifestyle.  Maybe you are afraid that a friend will stop coming to see you if you no longer need their help.

Write down any thoughts that you can about what fears you have about over coming your pain or other area you want to change.  The list might be longer than you first realized, that’s okay!

There is really great news.  Probably everything on your list can be helped with counseling and/or hypnosis. How great is that?

What types of things can hypnosis help you with? Once you have identified the issues that might be holding you back, a specially designed hypnosis script can address those issues.  You might need some counseling (perhaps couple counseling) to help with some concerns such as changing when your partner doesn’t.  However, hypnosis can even help with that. Hypnosis can help empower and give you the confidence to change yourself.

As a hypnotherapist, I can even help you figure out what your list is.  Again, not everyone is resisting change subconsciously but if you feel you might be, contact me today!

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