Failure is not an option

I was at Target and found a bunch of Star Wars signs for 10 cents each! I had to stock upon them, figuring they would be great with upcoming birthday gifts. I found this sign and knew I wanted it for my computer room.

A couple of days later, I came across a  free screening of a new movie called The Abundance Factor. I honestly don’t get any sort of kick back from it but if you have time, I highly suggest watching it. It is free for only a few days. ( The movie says a lot of things myself and others have to say in one nice, neat package.

So what does this have to do with anything?  I look at my own journey right now.  I have been building my business for almost a year now.  Some things came up and I realized I had to take a step back.  I had to deal with finishing my degree, enjoying my kids, and some other things.   I learned that the township I live in has a special permit I need which is a little beyond my reach right now.

Did I give up? No, never.  I must admit that I had days where I did feel down. We are all human. I started questioning things, wondering if I should put my business further on the back burner but I never gave up.  I felt like all of our issues where spiraling upon themselves.  To solve this problem, I could do this but then that is in the way.  To solve that I could do something else but then I am back to this.  How do you break the cycle?  The answer was, I took a step forward. That’s all it takes.  One step away from the same cycle. Within a matter of days,  I am now miles away from that cycle. Sure, the problems holding me back are still there but they are changing now too.

I am still a little afraid. I have set up my first workshop and I am so excited about it.  But what happens if nobody comes? Should I pack it up and call it a day? No. I might cry a little but then I will figure out how to do it better and try again.

Abraham Lincoln was one of the greatest presidents our country has ever had. Take a look of some of the things Lincoln experienced in his life:

  • 1831 – Lost his job
  • 1832 – Defeated in run for Illinois State Legislature
  • 1833 – Failed in business
  • 1834 – Elected to Illinois State Legislature (success)
  • 1835 – Sweetheart died
  • 1836 – Had nervous breakdown
  • 1838 – Defeated in run for Illinois House Speaker
  • 1843 – Defeated in run for nomination for U.S. Congress
  • 1846 – Elected to Congress (success)
  • 1848 – Lost re-nomination
  • 1849 – Rejected for land officer positionh
  • 1854 – Defeated in run for U.S. Senate
  • 1856 – Defeated in run for nomination for Vice President
  • 1858 – Again defeated in run for U.S. Senate
  • 1860 – Elected President (success)

Oprah Winfrey was told she wasn’t a good match for television, The Beatles were told they would never amount to anything, Albert Einstein, Walt Disney, Steve Jobs and Michael Jordan all had failures in their lives as well.

The thing I want everyone to understand is there is no failing as long as you don’t give up.  Even “giving up” sometimes isn’t failing.  Learn from your failures and move on.  Just keep moving forward and you aren’t failing.  I think too often people accept the way life is.  There is always hope.  A HypnoCoach can be the answer you are looking for! Remember one last thing: shoot_for_the_moon

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