My degrees are collecting dust for your benefit

I recently made a comment about wanting to get more training.  My point was, there are so many courses in hypnosis (and other things) that really excite me.  I will never stop being a student as there is so much to study! I think the same could be said for just about every field.  There is always stuff to learn.

Anyway, I was asked why I was not working in the psychology or social work field as I hold degrees in both.   Well, first off, I do believe that hypnosis is in the same field.  Hypnosis is really part of psychology.  There is an interesting history about the two. Unfortunately, as many things go, hypnosis was in the wrong place at the wrong time.  If the winds had changed just slightly, my degree would be in hypnosis and my certificate would be in psychology.

To have a career in a traditional psychology setting,  I would need a master’s degree and to go through the licensing process.   In all of my years studying psychology, I was never taught how to help a client.  Yes, that is part of the master’s program, but looking back, I find it bothersome.

My original plan was to go through, get my master’s and become a therapist who used hypnosis as a tool to help clients.  After studying hypnosis, that plan went a way and I realized I was supposed to use hypnosis with a background in psychology to help my clients.

Therapists are wonderful.  Therapy can help with so much and I never want to sound like I am saying otherwise.  However,  hypnosis is great for change.  Hypnosis and traditional therapy can be amazing together, and many people have had success implementing both.

Both disciplines can have their limitations and both have their benefits.

Hypnosis is the leader in change.  Once a person knows they want the change- and what the change is- hypnosis is the way to go.

Once I was certified in hypnosis, I realized I wanted to help create real change.  I like to say that the reason why hypnosis is the last thing people try is because it works.  Many people spend a big portion of their lives looking for the way to change.  Hypnosis offers it, often in 6 weeks or less!  (Disclaimer here: many people find it helpful to see a hypnotherapist once a year or so to keep them on track. )

Hypnosis is about empowerment.  I do not want a client to need me for the rest of their lives.  I want to give people the tools to change.

Maybe one day I will get my masters so I can help people who need therapy, but right now I love what I do.  I also have plenty to study in the hypnosis field alone!

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Becka believes that true health comes from mind, spirit, and body health. She enjoys learning and developing her own life as she helps others. Becka utilizes hypnosis in a number of ways to help her clients the very best way possible.