But what if I am too deep or not deep enough?

I have to discuss whether or not people are hypnotizable very often.  It is probably the most common question or statement I hear, as in “I can’t be hypnotized”.  Hollywood is at least partially to blame for this problem.  The Hollywood image of hypnosis often portrays those under hypnosis as being weak minded in one way or another.  This is not the case at all in real life but people think that they are too strong willed to be hypnotized.  I must admit, I get a special feeling when someone who was skeptical has an amazing session. (see FAQs for more on this subject).

Anyway, people get these things in their minds and get a fear of hypnosis and develop thoughts about hypnosis that aren’t real.  I think people try to tell themselves they aren’t hypnotizable so they won’t worry about losing control.  I will say this a million times and probably have to say it another million, YOU are in control during hypnosis.  As your hypnotherapist, I simply guide you. You are the driver, I am the navigator.

Now that we’ve established that you most likely CAN be hypnotized, the concern becomes HOW you are hypnotized.  There are many levels of hypnosis.   I use Aron’s Depth Scale but there are other methods for testing depth.  Aron’s scale uses six levels to see how deep a client goes under hypnosis.

If it is your first session and you are pretty analytical, you probably would only be about a level 1 or 2.  There are some people who are level sixes right from the beginning, but they are usually people who do things such as daily meditation.

The thing is, no matter where you fall on the spectrum, hypnosis is still working.  There is sometimes this fear about hypnosis not working because the client doesn’t feel deep enough or they feel too deep.  When you are a level one or two, you consciously hear a lot of what the hypnotherapist is saying to you.  You will most likely remember most of the session.

A level five or six person often feels like they are asleep and will hear/remember very little of the actual session.  Sometimes they are afraid that they are so deep that hypnosis isn’t working.

Hypnosis works the same because it is talking to your subconscious mind.  Where your conscious mind is during hypnosis doesn’t really matter.  That being said, hypnosis can be a bit more successful if you are deeper.

There is really great news for those who are level ones and twos,  I can help.  The first thing to remember is every time you go into hypnosis, you go into it faster, more readily and deeper.    Second, there are different techniques I can use to help you get to a deeper level.  Also, I teach self-hypnosis methods.  If you practice your self-hypnosis between sessions, you will reach deeper levels suring a session with me.

I can usually tell approximately how deep someone is but if you have real concerns, we can do a depth test.  I won’t do them during your first session with me but after a few weeks, if you still have concerns we can.

The beauty about hypnosis is that it can help everyone.  Don’t worry about what level you are at, just trust the process.  Enjoy the experience and feel wonderful in every way.

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