Hypnotherapy Services for Weight Loss & Management

Let’s face it,  we all need some help  managing our weight at some point in our lives. Most of us need help losing and maintaining our weight but there are those who need help gaining weight as well.

Hypnosis can help! Have you ever found yourself going to the pantry because you are bored or upset?  Do you tell yourself that you are going to wake up and exercise only to sleep in or make excuses? Or perhaps you tell yourself you will eat what you need to for your weight goals and then eat the wrong thing?

During your hypnosis sessions, we will examine what your struggles are and focus on the issues that seem to be hardest for you. We will also examine things such as stress, sleeping issues, and other things that might be hurting your attempt at weight management. 

With all habits, it is important to really understand what you are and aren’t doing. It can be beneficial to start paying close attention to your habits before your first session. During hypnosis, this step will become part of you as well. 

The most important thing is that this is about you. Canned hypnosis found online or in large group settings often over look the most important part of change, the individual client. Together we will get you the help you desire. 

Hypnosis reprograms your thinking to help  you with your weight goals. Using the power of your mind, hypnosis will change the relationship you have with food and teach your body how to handle the food it receives. 

Hypnotic gastric band sessions are also available! Gastric band surgery involves placing a small band around part of your stomach which sends a signal to your brain that you are full.  The surgery can be risky and expensive.  Using the power of your mind, hypnosis gives you the same benefits without the risk!

Schedule your free consultation today to learn more about how hypnotherapy can help you! Sessions are available both in person and virtually