Hypnotherapy Services for Stress Reduction

Every person on this planet has to deal with some form of stress in their lives. The way we handle stress can be life changing.  Dealing with stress in an unhealthy way can cause health problems, weight problems, substance abuse problems, relationship problems, problems at work and so many more problems.

Learning how to deal with stress in a healthy, productive manner is the key to a happier, healthier, more enjoyable life. 

Hypnosis uses your mind to change the way your body reacts to stressful situations.  This includes both long term stress, perhaps the kind found at your job, and short term stress, such as the stress experienced after a near miss traffic accident. 

At Tender Empowerment, it is understood that many of a client’s presenting problems are all caused by underlying stress. During each session, stress management is kept in the hypnotherapist’s mind and is often explored with clients. 

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