Pain Management

As humans, suffering from some type of physical pain during the course of our life is extremely normal. Dealing with pain can become very stressful, time consuming and expensive. Over time, people can build a tolerance for over the counter pain killers and the risk of becoming addicted to prescription pain killers is a real concern.

Hypnosis helps with all types of pain and even helps before pain is experienced.

* Chronic pain relief- Hypnosis helps manage chronic pain. At Tender Empowerment, you will learn techniques that will also help you during flare ups.

* Child Birth- Hypnosis has been a wonderful tool for mothers during child birth. Blissborn classes are offered at Tender Empowerment.

*Dental and Medical appointments- Using hypnosis before, during and after both dental and medical procedures allows the patient to be in control of their comfort level.

* Emergency Pain Relief- Hypnosis even works in emergency situations!

* And more- Hypnosis helps with all types of pain management