Hypnotherapy Services for Pain Management

As humans, suffering from some type of physical pain during the course of our life is extremely normal. Dealing with pain can become very stressful, time consuming and expensive. Over time, people can build a tolerance for over the counter pain killers and the risk of becoming addicted to prescription pain killers is a real concern.

Hypnosis helps with all types of pain and even helps before pain is experienced.

  • Chronic pain relief- Hypnosis helps manage chronic pain. At Tender Empowerment, you will learn techniques that will also help you during flare ups.
  • Child Birth- Hypnosis has been a wonderful tool for mothers during child birth. Blissborn classes are offered at Tender Empowerment.
  • Dental and Medical appointments- Using hypnosis before, during and after both dental and medical procedures allows the patient to be in control of their comfort level.
  • Emergency Pain Relief- Hypnosis even works in emergency situations!
  • And more- Hypnosis helps with all types of pain management

When I first became a hypnotherapist, I knew that there were so many areas I could help with.  As I build my practice, I am having requests for certain services.  One major theme is pain control.  Pain is part of being alive. We constantly experience pain whether we stub a toe, overexert a muscle, have a medical procedure, etc.  All too often people are also experiencing chronic pain from certain disorders, car accidents, etc.  Pain is  huge money maker for the pharmaceutical industry.  There are tons of over the counter and prescription medicines on the market.  I want to be very clear about something before I go any further- I will NEVER tell anyone to stop taking any prescription.  Stopping any medication cold turkey can be very harmful.  I am not a doctor and I do not fully understand your medications. That being said, I encourage everyone to have a goal of stopping their medication with proper supervision by their doctor.

Painkillers can be deadly.  Even over the counter painkillers can cause health problems.  Let’s look at acetaminophen, the active ingredient in Tylenol.  Acetaminophen has been known to cause liver damage among other problems.

Now let’s look at prescription painkillers.  According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control) in 2014, there were about 25,000 deaths caused by overdosing on prescription drugs.  This number is on the rise. 

The number of deaths has skyrocketed in the last fifteen years.  To put this into more of a perspective, the deaths from overdosing on heroin in 2014 was 10,000 and cocaine was about 6,000.  You can learn more about these overdoses here.

People become addicted to their painkillers.  Those who do not overdose can become dependent on their prescription.  All medication comes with side effects. The longer the medication is used, the more likely the person will experience side effects.

There are many natural ways of helping with pain.  Chiropractors, massage, and even natural pain relief such as arnica and medical marijuana.  Well, how about hypnosis?

Hypnosis can do wonders for all kinds of pain!  Hypnosis can help with chronic disorders, surgery, dental procedures, childbirth, sports injuries, phantom limb pain and so much more!  Pain is interesting as it can be considered as being located in two places at once.  The area you feel the pain has pain receptors that travel to your brain.  Your brain is what tells you that you are in pain.  Hypnosis helps your brain to deal with the pain differently.  In a lot of cases, the feeling of pain is replaced with a feeling of pressure or a slight discomfort but the feeling of “pain” is gone.

I had the wonderful opportunity to train under Don Mottin.  Don is the vice president of the National Guild of Hypnotists. He has been a hypnotherapist since “the stone age” or at lest 1980.  Don helped create many modern hypnosis methods.  He has been teaching pain control for many years and literally wrote the training book on it. 

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