Hypnotherapy Services for Giving Birth

Blissborn hypnosis for birth is a type of hypnobirthing which includes everything you need to learn before birth! 

Hypnosis has been used to help mothers give birth for decades. Using the power of the mind, hypnosis eliminates any fears a mother may have of the birthing process and allows the body to handle contractions in a calmer method.

The Blissborn program adds an additional layer that other hypnosis for birth programs do not offer.  Blissborn is a program designed to help parents with the birthing process.  If the other parent isn’t availabe, the program works just as well with a birthing partner of the mother’s choosing. 

Blissborn uses birthing terms that everyone is familiar with.  Some other programs do not use words such as  “contractions” because they believe them to be triggering. Blissborn understands that contractions are wonderful! Each contraction means that the baby is a little closer to entering this world. Furthermore, all hospital staff and birthing personnel are trained using the word contraction.  The mother could find herself leaving the state of hypnosis if someone accidentally uses a word she has been trying to avoid. 

Using Blissborn’s methods, mothers an babies experience a more relaxing birth which results in faster recovery for mom.  Babies born to Blissborn moms have also been reportedly calmer and easier to sooth babies. 

Hypnosis doesn’t have to stop after the baby is born. Tender Empowerment offers hypnotherapy to help moms with breastfeeding, lack of sleep, and can even help with postpartum depression.  Hypnosis can used for almost any parenting issue that may arise, it just can’t change dirty diapers.

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