New year, new you group!

Are you struggling with your weight loss goals? How about other goals you have for 2017?

What if I told you that a huge portion of weight loss is psychological?  Now, what if I told you hypnosis can be the answer you are looking for? Hypnosis works to make your choices permanent.  When people decide to lose weight, they decide to eat right, exercise,  and perhaps a few other things.  They start putting those things into place but after a few days their motivation starts to leave, within two weeks, the changes might be completely gone.  Hypnosis reprograms your mind so that those changes become part of you.  Learn more by watching this video:




Tuesday evenings at 7:30 at the LINCS family center- 2400 Firmstone St, Easton, PA

$15 a week/ $10 a week for LINCS members

Our new group will help with ALL goals for 2017!