Certified hypnotherapist, Lisa Halpin realized that hypnosis alone can have it’s limitations.  Often times clients book an appointment for stress reduction and start to realize that there is more to their problems.  Hypnotherapists can take each problem as it is discovered and use hypnosis to overcome that particular issue.  This method can become both costly and time consuming.  Lisa designed a method which combines hypnosis and life coaching and trademarked the term HypnoCoaching.

Becka has been trained and certified by Lisa Halpin herself.  Using the  proven  HypnoCoaching techniques, Becka can help you discover yourself, set goals for accomplishing your dreams and make lasting changes that can completely transform your life.

HypnoCoaching clients partake in one initial session which will last approximately ninety minutes. During this time you will experience hypnosis,  examine your life, and learn how to take action to reach your goals.  Weekly, half hour sessions will follow where you will discuss progress, set new action plans, reexamine anything as needed, and be given a new hypnosis recording.

Why do you need a life coach ? Almost everyone has something that they would like to change.  Some people know what it is, other need help discovering it.  Either way, creating change can be very overwhelming.  Sometimes you don’t even know where to start.  Life coaches not only help you discover what needs to be changed, but help you figure out how to accomplish it.  We also help you find resources when needed, keep you on track, and act as your cheerleader when you reach each milestone.  Also, we include the added benefit of hypnosis which helps you accomplish any change faster than you thought possible and give you the best type of coaching- HypnoCoaching.

Contact  HypnoCoach Becka today to discuss one on one coaching sessions, group sessions, and other options such as Skype sessions!