January 5, 2018

Hypnosis For Grief

Today is one of those days that always makes me stop and think. Three years ago today, one of my dearest friends ever passed away suddenly. […]
January 1, 2018

How To Reach Your New Year’s Goals

Happy 2018! It is the year that you have been waiting for, this is your year! How do you make things different this year? Well, for […]
November 10, 2017

Why Are You Afraid of Monsters? Scooby Should Have Had Hypnosis

My kids have been saying some pretty amazing things lately. Today my son said “Mommy, I don’t get Scooby Doo. Every episode they are afraid of […]
May 4, 2017

Life Coaching (with a twist) and What The Heck Is It?

Almost everyone has heard of a life coach, but what does it mean? Is it some trendy thing taking place on the west coast? Something only […]
December 30, 2016

Using hypnosis to help with your New Year’s goals

I am really excited about my new group starting on January 10.  It is going to be group hypnosis to reach your new  year goals! Okay, […]
October 31, 2016

Holiday group weight management forming now!

The holidays are coming! Want to learn how to keep the holiday goodies from becoming pounds for the New Year? Group is forming now! It will […]
May 15, 2016

Seventeen Years Later

Seventeen years ago, I graduated high school. I really didn’t know what I wanted to do. I liked TV/radio but I felt a calling toward Psychology. […]
April 21, 2016


I have been a strong advocate for natural and informed childbirth for a while.  It started with having my first child at the age of 21. […]
February 19, 2016

Hypnosis for happiness is in the news!

A kind of skeptical friend of mine shared this with me yesterday. I told her I have been thinking about doing a happiness workshop for a […]
June 25, 2015

Howie gets Hypnotized!

I have to say, I don’t watch America’s Got Talent, although I am a big fan of Howie Mendel. Anyway, after hearing about a recent episode […]