Weight Management Support Group Forming Now!

A New Design (2)Live near the Easton/Wilson area? I am starting a weight management hypnosis group which will be held at 2400 Firmstone St, Easton (The LINCS Family Center).  Join us March 29 for a FREE information session! Learn everything you want to know about hypnosis. No registration is needed for the free session or weekly group.  Regular sessions will start on April 5 at 7:30.  The cost will be $15  a week.  LINCS center members pay only $10 a week! Not a LINCS member but want to be? Attend either the free session or any normal weekly session and get a free session! Plus, all current LINCS center members will also be entered into a monthly drawing for a free week. As an added bonus, each group member will receive a loyalty card. Attend 5 paid group sessions and get the 6th for free!

Throughout the year we will have special guest speakers joining us!

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