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May 21, 2015
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The first hypnosis

The title is a little deceiving, in reality, we are hypnotized all the time without us even realizing it.  That is a different topic for a different day.  Today, I am talking about watching people come out of hypnosis for the first time, or the first time with me.  This is my reward for my work.

I am sitting in a darkened room with relaxing music on, taking my client through a journey of the subconscious.  I am focused on my words.  It is very quiet and peaceful for me and although my client is nearby, I feel alone in the room.

I find myself saying the words “In a moment, I will count from 1 to 5. At the count of 5, you will awaken, feeling wonderful in every way.”  I know that in a minute, I will be rejoined by my client.

I get to 5 and the music stops. I watch eyes flutter open, a breath taken, a smile and a stretch.  Usually I hear a “wow” or other similar word.

It amazes me every time and I love seeing it.  I feel as good as my client does, their happiness radiates to me.


Becka Bossons
Becka Bossons
Becka Bossons is a certified HypnoCoach® who writes about Hypnosis. She operates her practice in the Lehigh Valley. She sees clients in person, over the phone and via skype.

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