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June 1, 2019
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Taking Back Break Time

Giving your employees breaks is wonderful and required by law, however, did you know that smokers take an average of six days off worth of smoke breaks a year?  Many businesses are more flexible about breaks for smokers and nonsmokers are usually less likely to take breaks.  Nonsmoking employees often feel frustrated by their smoking coworkers which can lead to a turbulent workplace.   The time smokers take to go outside, smoke, come back in and resettle into their job can be twenty minutes or longer!  Not to mention the strains on the business such as having to maintain a designated smoke area that won’t interfere with your customers  and the greater chance of your smoking employees calling off of work do to smoking related illnesses.  Bottom line, smoking employes are a real burden for your business.   What can you do about this? How can I help you?

The answer is, offer an  incentive to help your employees quit smoking.  This could simply be, helping them pay for smoking cessation hypnosis.  I can offer you a discount for a group hypnosis workshop at your business or I can work with you if you want to pay for some or all of the costs of private sessions.

Either way, a smoke free work environment can add productivity, comradery, health and money back into your business!

Becka Bossons
Becka Bossons
Becka Bossons is a certified HypnoCoach® who writes about Hypnosis. She operates her practice in the Lehigh Valley. She sees clients in person, over the phone and via skype.

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