Limited time offer! Special prices!

The weather is great and I am loving it! In honor of summer, I am offering a special deal that you won’t find any where (or any other time).

All  hypnosis sessions are currently only $50!

HypnoCoaching sessions are $75 for first session, $35 each session after that (expires September 1)

Blissborn classes $200 INCLUDING the material! ( $65 value)

But wait, there’s MORE! For a limited time, prepay and get 1 session free!

Hypnosis clients (except smoking)- Prepay 3 sessions and get the fourth for FREE!

Smoking clients- Prepay 6 sessions and get the 5th for FREE!

HypnoCoaching clients- Prepay for the first session and 3 weeks after and get the fourth week FREE!

Seriously, act now. Prices will not stay this low for long!

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